How to Win Using Queen’s Gambit Accepted

This article is the second part of the analysis of the Queen’s Gambit. On the first one, I wrote about Queen’s Gambit Declined. On this article, I will write about the Queen’s Gambit Accepted which is one of the oldest and most solid openings in all of chess.  Players like Tal, Rubinstein, Karpov and the … Read more

How to Win Using the Queen’s Gambit Declined

When I play chess, I like to make an aggressive chess opening and one of my favorite openings is the Queen’s Gambit. However, this topic is extremely big and I decided to talk about only the Queen’s Gambit Declined in this article. The second part of this article is the Queen’s Gambit Accepted. Great chess … Read more

Guide to Caro-Kann Defense, All You Need to Know

One of the most important openings in chess is the Caro-Kann opening. Caro-Kann defense is played for more than a century and it is named after the great players Horatio Caro and Marcus Kann. Despite the fact that this opening is old, many great players are still using this strategy. So, it’s obvious that this … Read more

How to Quickly Master the French Defense in Chess

A lot of online articles have been published on French defense and the amount of information given to readers is immense. However, my feeling is that the essence deep inside this issue has not been revealed. In spite that this issue has been presented in many different ways, I have tried to provide guidance on the … Read more