Levon Aronian and his Spectacular Style of Playing Chess

If you have studied many games of chess then, you should have studied some games played by Levon Aronian. The Armenian Grandmaster has many admirers around the world. What distinguishes him from his opponents? His elegant quality during his games, not only in victory but in defeat as well. His chess skills and fighting spirit … Click Here to Read More

Top 12 Social and Mental Benefits of Playing Chess for Kids, Seniors and Everyone else

For many reasons, chess is a very particular game, entertaining millions of fans. In my opinion, it is an excellent way to spend your time, given that it teaches you lessons for your everyday life, in addition to the joy it offers during the game. One who plays regularly for many years has noticed for … Click Here to Read More

Complete Guide to Special Chess Moves (En passant, Castling, Promotion)

Everyone who plays chess is familiar with the basic moves each piece makes. However, there are some special chess moves that not everyone knows that exist. To me, that is a serious problem because it can limit a player’s performance in chess. I made this article in order to fix that problem and solve any … Click Here to Read More