Online Chess Lessons


Chess Lessons From Us

Many of you have asked us to offer online chess lessons. So, we have decided to make it happen.

Thanks to technology you can learn chess from the comfort of your house. Here are some important facts about our service.

  • We have instructors that can teach chess to players of every age and skill
  • All the instructors have at least 5 years of experience in teaching chess
  • The way each lesson is held depends on your skills, goals, and weaknesses. Therefore, it is fully customized to your needs
  • Payment depends on the instructor and the lesson itself. Once we have established your skills, goals, and number of lessons we will make you an offer. The hourly payment will vary from 10$ to 50$.

Please fill out the following form and we will contact you shortly. By submitting the form you are not obligated to take a lesson. You are just giving a name and an email address for easier communication. Also, we will be able to get an idea of your skills and goals based on the rest of the information that you submitted.