Buyer’s Guide for Russian Chess Sets 2023

Russia is a country which has achieved great things when it comes to chess. It was part of the Soviet Union and has promoted chess like no other country. For decades, Soviet chess players were part of the elite of the game, thus, leaving a great inheritance to the next generations. If you notice the sets those great players were using, you will find out that the pieces look elongated and have a smooth curvature. I find this style really nice for an austere chess set.

If you play chess frequently then, you should have played many games with simple, dull and most likely plastic sets. It may be good for developing your skills but certainly, it gets a little annoying playing like that all the time. That is the main reason why enthusiasts have a unique set that inspires them to play at home with their loved ones and friends. Also, it’s a proven method to introduce the game and its benefits to children because it makes the process of learning more enjoyable. One of those rare and inspiring sets are Russian Chess sets, which give an exquisite air of Russia to your home decoration. has a great variety of quality sets that you certainly cannot find in a regular store, that is why it is my first choice. There are also a lot of product reviews so you can know beforehand what to expect and the delivery of the products is really fast.

The following products I recommend, according to my own opinion, are based on parameters like craftsmanship, quality, price, appearance, and also reviews from people who already own these sets. When such reviews are not available I state so. Αlthough it is something I generally avoid, some sets are so very exquisite, I wanted to include them in this list despite the lack of reviews. In any case, you should check for yourself, in order to build up your own opinion and receive the product closer to your needs and budget you wish to invest.

Recommended Russian Chess Sets

1. Russian “Babushka” Blue and Red International Chess Set

The traditional Russian and Ukrainian folk craft style and the colors of this set are really cool and the “Babushkas” give the perfect air of Russia to your living room. The unique pieces add an extra entertainment value to the game.


  • It’s handmade from birch wood with excellent workmanship
  • Dimensions 16 x 16 x 1.1 inches (40.5 x 40.5 x 2.7 centimeters), King is 3.4 inches tall (8.5 centimeters), the Queen is 2.9 inches tall
  • There is an individual felt-lined compartment to store the pieces


This set has received many great reviews from their owners and we are definitely talking about an amazing chess set. You can use it as a very affordable and high-quality decoration in your living room. Check it out here on Amazon.

2. Chess Set, Matreshka Chess

Another set with a distinctly Russian flavor. The patterns on top and on the sides of the board are unique and you don’t see them often. They are a good piece of art. It is perfect for kids who make their first steps in the fascinating world of chess.


  • The board is hand carved and made from beech and birch wood.
  • Each chess piece is individually handcrafted and handpainted.
  • Dimensions are 15x 15 inches


This Original Marteshka Chess Set is unique and makes a great gift for the small chess players at a fairly cheap price. Unfortunately, there are no reviews. Check it out here on Amazon.

3. King Staunton Wooden Russian Chess Set

This wooden chess set has a very elegant and discreet Russian feel to it. It includes the standard 32 piece set of Staunton featuring a design with flawless craftsmanship. The colors are black and natural boxwood.


  • The Board features genuine Walnut and Maple Wood veneers.
  • Dimensions 17″, King is 3.5″


I would recommend this set to someone, who wants something traditional with a bit of a Russian feel to it. According to the excellent review, this chessboard is flawless and somewhat affordable. Check it out here on Amazon.

4. Russian Wood Chess Set with Board

Α unique and elegant wooden set that could make an excellent addition to any home or family game collection with an unobtrusive Russian air to it.


  • Maple veneer inlaid chess board with 1.75″ squares.
  • Natural Boxwood Russian Knight Chessmen are weighted and felted.
  • Board Dimensions: 14 x 14 inches
  • King height: 3.5 inches
  • Square Size: 1.5L x 1.5W inches
  • Base width: 1.25 inches


This set has some great features making it an excellent choice for decoration. It surely combines luxury and elegance at a fairly affordable price. Unfortunately, there are no reviews to ascertain these facts. Check it out here on Amazon.

5. Russian Style Chess & Checkers Game Set

It is an elegant wooden chess & checkers game set. The hand-polished and hand-carved pieces are crafted from black stained & kari wood. I especially like the natural color of the chessboard and that the blacks have some hues in their brown color.


  • Includes 32 pieces with felt bottoms
  • Dimensions: 15-inch game board x 2.5 in. with 1.56 in. squares
  • The king captures the classic look of the distinctive Russian design and it measures 3.5 in. with 1.25 in. diameter base – pieces collectively weigh 2 lbs.
  • Black stained & natural wood board – features 2 pull-out storage drawers for pieces


This exceptional chess set is ideal for a person who appreciates simplicity and elegance. Given the excellent reviews, the quality of this set is exceptional and at a somewhat affordable price. Check it out here on Amazon.

6. Unique Russian Chess Set

This set was included in the list because it is has a so very unique Russian feel to it despite its somewhat expensive price. The most distinct of its characteristics is that the pieces are made of bread. To create each piece, the bread is baked into a template, then the pieces are put together, lacquered and painted. Its attention to detail makes it all the more singular.


  • Board dimensions are: 32″ x 16″ x 3″
  • Handmade. Hand assembled. Hand-painted.
  • Made in Russia
  • Shipping from WA, USA


This chess set redefines quality. From the very first moment I saw it, it gave me a sensation of luxury and an unmistakable air of Russia. The artistry and the attention to detail are amazing and in my humble opinion, it is worth every dollar and more for those who can afford it. Check it out here on Amazon.

7.  Russian Wood Backgammon Checkers Chess 3 in 1 Game Set “Gzhel”

This high-quality chess set struck me for its beauty from the very first moment I saw it. Also, the beautiful colors and the Russian patterns on the chess board are especially extraordinary and artistic.


  • Material: natural wood.
  • Dimensions: 400x200x40 mm | 16 x 8 x1,6 inch.
  • It includes backgammon.
  • Made in Russia.


This truly special chess set made me deeply impressed by the artistry of the board and its unique decoration. Therefore, it can be used as a great decorative piece. It is a very special item at an affordable price. The fact that it contains backgammon is also a plus. I think it is the perfect choice for an artistic individual. Unfortunately, there are no reviews. Check it out here on Amazon.

8. Exclusive Russian Chess Pieces

This set was built with great craftsmanship and its quality is excellent. It’s one of the best variations of the standard black and white version.


  • Material: Sheesham Wood / Box Wood
  • Recommended Board Size: (1.9″-2.3″)/(50 mm – 60 mm) sq.
  • You’re getting: 34 pieces (2 extra Queens included)
  • Board is not included


If you have a chessboard with right dimensions, this set will be a very good selection. The reviews are excellent and there is great value for money. Check it out here on Amazon.

Final Verdict

To sum up, I consider the Russian chess sets to be an absolute staple for someone who wants something special and a bit different from common sets. provides very qualitative products according to the reviews, with a wide variety of designs from Russian folk and attention to detail till simple sets with just a bit of a Russian flavor so that they are distinct from the standard chess sets currently in the market. Before buying anything make sure you will receive exactly what you are looking for without spending too much.

Also, you will find a lot of reviews on this website about glass chess sets and marble chess sets. If you liked the article, it would mean a lot to me to share and comment on this article. Enjoy the game.

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