How to Play Star Trek Chess & What Are the Best Sets In the Market

Star Trek is a popular franchise that has spawned numerous spinoffs and sequels throughout the years. A lot of merchandising based on Star Trek has been made throughout the years, from Barbie and Ken dolls dressed as Starfleet officers to collectible figurines of the cast. After five years of existence and widespread fan support, Star Trek has spawned a wide variety of weird products. So, in this piece, we’ll go through the specifics of Star Trek chess boards and recommend some of the better options currently available. OK, let’s start.

What is Star Trek Chess Board?

The Star Trek Tri-dimensional chess set is the first step in your interstellar chess adventure. It is unique, contains all the pieces you’ll need, and is designed with logic in mind.

Luxurious materials were employed to create a replica of the set used in the Star Trek films. It’s eye-catching and one-of-a-kind, made up of transparent blue and white checkerboard acrylic boards resting on gold and silver bases. The Staunton design is updated for the future of the Star Trek chess sets, which are made from sterling silver and 24-carat gold. This 3D Star Trek set was made to commemorate the franchise’s 50th anniversary, and no expense was spared in doing so.

Star Trek chess is a futuristic take on the classic board game that is played in the Star Trek universe. The Star Trek 3D chess set comes with a collectible rule book that explains the game and how to play it. The initial impression is not as frightening as it seems.

Since no other chess set includes board pieces that move during the course of the game, playing with the Star Trek Chess Set is truly one-of-a-kind. It consists of three fixed “base” pieces and four mobile “attack” boards. The game’s strategy and mechanics are like chess, yet there are enough differences to keep things interesting.

What are the Shape, Structure, and Levels of the Star Trek Chess Board?

The Star Trek Chess Set stands at a height of roughly 13 inches. The die-cast components range in height from around 1.5 inches to 2 inches. They’re the right size for this set. They are the perfect size for the board without being too huge or too little. They are also the perfect weight, feeling substantial even on the highest attack boards, but not so hefty as to cause the board to topple. They have a reassuring weight and a sleek texture when picked up.

The board itself comprises a metal base emblazoned with a delta symbol, three prebuilt stationary boards, and four mobile “attack” boards. Each panel is constructed from sturdy acrylic. It’s recommended to use attack boards that are around 2.5″ x 2.5″ in size and stationary boards that are about 5″ x 5″ in size.

A Star Trek take on the traditional board game of chess. The board is three dimensions with four distinct play areas. There’s a central, middle, outer, and higher level. The board is in the shape of a hexagon with six equal sections. There are three levels in each part, with varying numbers of squares on each level.

As you progress away from the central hub, the number of squares on each level increases. The board’s arrangement of pieces might vary from section to section or stay constant throughout the game, depending on the difficulty level you’re playing at. All but the pieces in a player’s back row are free to travel in any direction. It has four distinct difficulty settings. The rules, game pieces, and board design are all different from one level to the next.

What are the Rules of a Star Trek Chess Game?

In the original Star Trek series, the game was merely a prop with no real-world equivalent. Star Trek chess is a popular parlor game, and its rules were eventually developed by a fan named Andrew Bartmess. To account for potential differences in strategy among Klingons, Cardassians, and Ferengi, he also created other variants of these laws. We anticipate that the Ferengi will engage in dishonest behavior.

On their turn, players can choose to either move a piece or a moveable level. Any moveable floors must be placed above or below any of the three main boards’ corners at all times. There will be one overhanging square and three that are somewhat overlapping the main board. Only an empty level or a level containing only the player’s pawns and no other pieces can be moved.

Standard procedures apply if the player decides to move a piece instead of an attack board. As a part of your relocation, you might be going up or down a floor. If you’re just starting, it may help to imagine the Star Trek chess board as flat, like in the illustration above. Expanded guidelines can be found in the rule book with your Star Trek 3D Chess Set. Following those guidelines will have you playing Star Trek chess like a pro in no time!

Best Star Trek Chess Boards

Star Trek Tridimensional Chess Set

It’s a true three-dimensional chess game with the Star Trek Tridimensional Chess Set, which includes not one but three primary playing boards and four movable attack boards. This one-of-a-kind chess set is the perfect addition to any Star Trek fan’s collection, with its 13-inch height, 32 die-cast pieces, and translucent acrylic game boards. Despite not being official or rare, this chess set is rather inexpensive and widely available.


BrandThe Noble Collection
Item Dimensions15.35 x 12.6 x 6.3


1. Star Trek tridimensional chess provides an intellectually stimulating challenge that requires the players to think carefully about their moves.

2. It helps playerThe game can also serve as an educational tool, helping players develop a better understanding of three-dimensional shapes, spatial relations, and the basic elements of chemistry.

3. The game encourages social interaction, as players must communicate and cooperate to achieve their goals.

4. It is an entertaining way to pass the time and can provide hours of fun for both experienced and inexperienced players alike.


1. Difficult to learn – The game requires a great deal of strategy and is not easy to learn, especially for those unfamiliar with the rules.

2. Long Duration – The game can take a long time to complete, so it requires a significant amount of patience from all players.

3. Limited availability – Since the game is so specialized and isn’t widely available, finding it may be difficult or impossible in some locations.

4. Limited number of players – With only two players allowed at a time.

Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set, 1994 Original Limited Edition by the Franklin Mint

As part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series, the Franklin Mint published an official replica of the Star Trek Tridimensional chess set in 1994. The Star Trek 3-D Chess Set was only mass-produced in extremely small quantities. All 32 pieces are carefully cast and have a nice finish which is made either out of sterling silver or 24-carat gold.

This legendary 3-D chess set includes a COA, a photograph of two of the most iconic characters playing Tridimensional Chess: Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, and a beautiful, collectible booklet detailing the game’s origins, rules, and strategies. This 14″ tall masterpiece is a limited-edition masterpiece. Using color-etched acrylic pieces, this set includes three main playing boards and four moveable attack boards with dimensions of 4-1/4′′ square, and 2-1/8′′ square. This chessboard is genuine and collectible, but it is expensive.


BrandStar Trek
Item Dimensions13.5 x 11 x 8 inches


The advantages of the Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set, 1994 Original Limited Edition by the Franklin Mint are:

1. Increased challenge: The game provides an increased level of challenge due to the 3-dimensional aspect of the game. This makes it a great way to practice problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

2. Collectible item: The Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set, 1994 Original Limited Edition by the Franklin Mint is a rare collectible item and can be a great addition to any fan’s collection.

3. Unique game-play experience: The three-dimensional playing surface and custom pieces add an extra layer of intrigue to traditional


1. Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set is quite expensive for casual chess players.

2. The game is fairly complex and requires a good understanding of chess strategy to play effectively, so it may not be suitable for all players.

3. The pieces and board are quite large, making it difficult to transport and store.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Chess Game

Unlike the intricate and pricey Star Trek: The Next Generation Commemorative Chess Set by Franklin Mint, this chess set is composed of PVC pieces on a basic cardboard checkerboard. Moreover, the main protagonists on both sides are crew members from the USS Enterprise-D:

The primary differences between the two sets are the bases, the pawns, and the clothing. The “black” side (black bases in the style of the TNG Combadge) wears standard Starfleet uniforms (2366- the 2370s), and the Enterprise-D is used as a prop. The USS Enterprise-B serves as a piece in this Star Trek board game, and the “gold” side (represented by golden bases in the style of the TNG Combadge) features characters in “jumpsuit” uniforms (probably taken from Star Trek Generations) (also from Generations).

Reportedly, the game box’s design varied depending on where and by whom it was sold. Some had a generic chess board and the Enterprise-D, while others contained portraits of the whole TNG cast. This Star Trek-themed chess set is standard size and was designed using the Star Trek series as inspiration.


BrandUnited Labels
Educational ObjectiveCoordination
ThemeTV Series


1. The Star Trek: The Next Generation Chess Game provides a challenging and engaging way to play the game of chess. Players can choose to play as either the Federation or the Klingons, with each side having its unique pieces and strategies.

2. The game is designed to be highly interactive, with an advanced computer AI that can adjust its play depending on the moves of the players.

3. It also features a two-player mode, allowing for exciting head-to-head matches between friends or family members.


1. The main disadvantage of this game is that it can be quite complex and difficult to learn if you are not already familiar with chess.

2. There is a limited variety of pieces, making it difficult to develop complex strategies.

3. The game can be repetitive and boring if it is played too often.

What Parameters Are Important Before Buying a Star Trek Chess Set?

Are you a Star Trek fan looking for the perfect chess set to display in your home or office? You may be wondering what parameters are important to consider before buying a Star Trek chess set. Before you buy a Star Trek chess set, there are several important factors to consider. Whether it is for yourself or as a gift, there are many different kinds of Star Trek chess sets that you can choose from.

It is important to understand the parameters needed to make an informed decision when selecting the right set. With the right knowledge, you will be able to find the perfect one that best suits your taste and budget. Today, we will discuss what parameters are most important before buying a Star Trek chess set, such as the type of quality, material, and price range.


If you’re serious about improving your chess game, you need a good board. The appropriate board is essential if you’re a serious player or just looking for a good time. You can’t go wrong with the Star Trek Chess Board if you’re shopping for a new one. Every game you play on this beautifully crafted board will be exciting and difficult. It also offers tools to assist you to keep track of your pieces, which will allow you to play with greater strategic depth and ultimately win.


The chessboard is crucial to the success of any chess game. Whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned pro, the appropriate chess board may make or break your performance. Chess Set with a Star Trek Theme! This chess set features artwork from the Star Trek franchise and is the perfect marriage of two classics: the game and the series. It will be the cherry on top of any decor because of its eye-catching pattern and vivid hues. The die-cast components measure roughly 1.5 inches in height. Their proportions suit this set perfectly. Without being too big or too small, they offer a nice weight and texture that makes you feel safe even when using them on the hardest attack boards.

The board consists of a metal base with a delta symbol on it, three stationary boards that come preassembled, and four mobile boards that can be moved about and used as an attack. Each board is made from premium acrylic that is as thick as it gets.


Possibly the best chessboard for your needs is the Star Trek version. It’s an attractive work of art, and there are various pricing points to choose from. Everyone from complete beginners to seasoned grandmasters can find a challenge here. You will learn about the wide range of prices for this one-of-a-kind chess board, from those suitable for beginners to those reserved for the high-end, feature-packed version. Star Trek Boards can be had for $200 and above.

In How Many Episodes or Movies the chess set is Depicted?

If you are feeling nostalgic and want to watch one more time the episodes where characters are playing chess look no further we have got you covered. The chess set is depicted in numerous episodes of the series. When it comes to Star Trek: The Original Series here is a list of the episodes where characters were playing chess:

Star Trek: The Original Series

  • Court Martial
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before
  • By Any Other Name
  • Charlie X

That particular chess set was depicted also in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Here is the episode where characters were playing Star Trek Chess.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

  • Conundrum

Other Star Trek Popular Memorabilia and Collectibles

Star Trek Bridge Crew Collectible Framed Photo Collage Wall Art Decor

A lovely 11″ x 14″ photo collage, matted for display. One photo is sized at 3×5″ and the other at 8×10,” and there’s also a little biography included. Bevel-cut, double-matted, and encased in glass protect the photographs and bio. The aesthetic attractiveness of these high-quality collectibles is a primary design goal. A carved, black lacquered frame complements this item. The perfect present for any fan or collector.

Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger

Qi wireless charger inspired by the Star Trek franchise with an integrated battery pack to support both wired and wireless charging. The Starfleet Illuminated Logo Portable Wireless Phone Charger.

A more potent arsenal is usually a good idea. The Star Trek Qi wireless charging station has a built-in battery and an illuminated logo, ensuring that you never run out of juice. The Star Trek Wireless Charging Pad helps you to declutter your desk and streamline the process of charging your device. Thanks to FameTek’s innovative design, fast and efficient charging is possible for a wide range of tablets and smartphones, including all iPhones and iPads running iOS 8 and later, as well as Android devices running 4.4 and later.

Simply turn on the light by pressing the button, place your phone on the charging mat, and you’ll be good to go. If you’re charging your iPhone, you won’t even need to take it out of its case. In most plastic cases, the Star Trek Wireless Charging Pad will still work. Thanks to the built-in power bank, you can recharge your phone either via the included cable or wirelessly on the go. Backlit LEDs on the Starfleet Command emblem indicate whether the gadget is being charged or when the check battery button is pressed. If you don’t want the LED on while it’s charging, push the side button once.

Funko POP – Star Trek – Captain Kirk

If you are a Funko POP Collector that Star Trek figurine would be a great addition to your collection and decoration.

Other Popular Chess Scenes in Movies And Series

In addition to being one of the oldest and most challenging games ever, chess is also a beautiful and elegant piece of decor. Usually, it’s employed to make the setting seem more elegant. Today, I’ll identify a few films that feature chess pieces.


It was George Saunders’ dystopian short tale, “Escape from Spiderhead,” that Netflix adapted into a film. In a near-future civilization, two inmates deal with their past while imprisoned in a facility where they can shorten their sentences by participating in experiments involving medicines that modify their emotions. Inmates can be seen playing chess in this trailer.

The Queen’s Gambit

This seven-part Netflix miniseries, adapted from the same-titled novel, created a whirlwind, and chess set sales across the world increased. For a short period (a few months), thanks to The Queen’s Gambit, chess was once again “cool.”


This film chronicles the rise of Magnus Carlsen, a Norwegian chess prodigy, from amateur to grandmaster to world champion in 2013. Carlsen is just thirteen years old when he achieves these feats.

Sherlock Holmes

In this film, Professor Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes engage in a heated game of chess on a gorgeous marble board using traditional wooden pieces.


Professor X and Magneto have a chess match using a glass chess set while discussing the conflict between humans and mutants in this film.

The Big Bang Theory

Watching this film, fans can relive the many episodes of the hit TV series in which the gang played chess. Check out these two clips of Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard playing chess in three dimensions.

The Thomas Crown Affair

In this film, Steve McQueen plays a mastermind of a heist, while Faye Dunaway is the detective. The chase between these two protagonists is represented by this chess match.

Final Words

The Star Trek chess board is an iconic symbol of the Star Trek Universe and its timeless appeal has stood the test of time. While it is a great game for casual play, it can also be used to teach basic chess strategies, allowing players to gain a better understanding of the game. Additionally, it serves as a reminder that we should always strive for exploration and adventure in our lives, just like the fictional crew of the Starship Enterprise. By playing this game, we can all be reminded that there are endless possibilities out there waiting to be explored.

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