Sergey Karjakin, the most promising player in Blitz and Rapid Chess

If someone asked me which player could dominate in chess on the next decade then, I would definitely mention Sergey Karjakin. Currently, he is one of the quickest Grandmasters in the world. Winning the first position in Blitz Tal Memorial, in Moscow (10 points in 14 games), is a solid evidence on that, while, in Rapid, he was second after Viswanathan  Anand. He is a very talented individual who has worked hard to achieve his goals because Rapid chess requires advanced instinct that can only be obtained with a lot of practice. However, I think he has a gift as well and I believe he can achieve a lot more since he is still young.

Important facts about Sergey Karjakin

By analyzing his achievements, you can notice that he is on the right path. At the age of 12 years old, he broke all age records, since he became the younger Grandmaster (usually they achieve this at 15 to 17 years old). The first great success of the Russian player was his first position in Holland in 2009. A significant win was achieved in 2013 when he prevailed against the present day World’s Champion Magnus Carlsen from Norway.

Young Sergey Karjakin, in 2015 at the Candidates tournament, proved his durability, even when he was behind in score 0-2 from Swindler and eventually he broke even. Next year he played again against Carlsen in the final and there was a tie, but eventually the Norwegian prevailed in the details at Rapid. This year in the Candidates tournament in Berlin he was third, although he had the potential for a better position.

Another amazing fact is the rapport he has achieved with the world’s top players. It is characteristic that the smiling Sergey is loved and respected by the Grandmasters. Namely, his British friend Nigel Short, who lives in Greece, had him as a guest (2008) and advised him for his career. It should be noted that Short had played in the past in the World Cup Final against the great Garry Kasparov.

Some of the best games played by Sergey Karjakin

As always I have selected some games that are excellent instructive material and beautiful games of chess. You have the opportunity to notice his style of playing better understand his skills in chess. I encourage you to analyze every move because games played by great players offer valuable lessons since they make fewer mistakes than the vast majority.

Ruy Lopez Closed, Chigorin (…cxd4)

Sicilian Defense, Richter-Rauzer, Rauzer attack

English Symmetrical Opening, Hedgehog (5.O-O g6)

Caro-Kann Defense, Classical, Spassky variation

Final thoughts

Sergey Karjakin is certainly a player that I will be watching his performance over the next decade. I believe that he will become a better player. Please comment your opinion about this player and share the article if you have found value in it. Also, check out articles that I have written about chess strategies and amazing chess sets. Enjoy playing chess.

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